Best Photographic Memorial Services (2011)

Fullerton Photographics

With the decaying shells of Fotomats withering in strip-mall parking lots around us, we're reminded it takes forward-thinking people to keep pace with the march of technology. Some do this well, while others see the fruits of their labor turned into locksmith kiosks. For a picture-book example of successful evolution, take a gander at Fullerton Photographics. Though it originally focused its services on the analog-film needs of the artistic and student communities, following the death of its hallowed founder, Chris Beard, it was taken over by the enterprising Gabrielle Mullinax, who broadened the store's services and brought it into the digital age. Though it continues to offer hand developing of film, it also features a wide array of printing options, not the least of which includes its celebration-of-life services. Yes, we're talking about funerals. It's morbid, but wait until you're stuck with the corpse of a loved one and have no idea what you're going to do for that person's memorial. Fullerton Photographics offers the grieving family a wealth of reasonably priced options, including shoe-box scanning and a variety of hip-yet-tasteful templates to choose from for memorial cards. Best of all, the staff work fast.

Location Details

908 N. Harbor Blvd.
Fullerton CA 92832


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