Best Hard-to-Find-But-Worth-Every-Mile-of-Wasted-Gas Record Store (2011)

Radiation Records

In true punk-rock DIY form, Radiation Records doesn't advertise its existence. It doesn't have a website and doesn't run its Facebook page. Tucked away in an industrial building next to a Boy Scouts shop, it relies mostly on word-of-mouth and devoted followers. And the loyalty is well-deserved, with its well-stocked collection of obscure punk records and all the applicable accessories, patches and pins a young punk could want. A screen-printing operation in the backroom makes the hundreds of T-shirts that obscure the shop's poster-plastered walls. You're not going to get too much in the way of customer service, but there are damn good prices for damn good records.

Location Details

1501 N. Raymond Ave.
Anaheim CA 92801


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