Best Sportscaster (2011)

Beto Duran

Sports fans like to feel like they're on the inside. Beto Duran, a reporter with ESPN Radio, actually is on the inside. He hangs out in the clubhouse, at practices and in the locker room after games, mainly covering the Southland's favorite basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers. While most any reporter who has risen to the ranks of the four-letter sports empire is accomplished, Duran's reports typically come with tidbits that the other guys missed, the most famous of which was his 2007 interview with then-USC, now-New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez in the locker room after a game with Notre Dame. Others in the media were treating Sanchez's decision to wear a mouthpiece with the colors of the Mexican flag as sedition; Duran, instead, asked Sanchez his reasoning, which he did plainly and brilliantly. Max Kellerman, host of Max & Marcellus on ESPN-AM 710, works with Duran during the NBA season and has frequently referred to him as one of the best in the business.


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