Best Protesting Group (2011)

Orange County Fairgrounds Preservation Society

It didn't do anything single-handedly (it had some allies pushing hard in Sacramento), but the Orange County Fairgrounds Preservation Society (OCFPS) was integral in preventing the sale of the OC Fairgrounds to private developers. Its members—some of whom are stakeholders of the grounds and from the equestrian center and the OC Marketplace—were digging for documents, making calls, raising awareness and putting in the time to figure out all the behind-the-scenes posturing that almost pushed the sale through. Partly because of the society's work, Governor Jerry Brown didn't agree with outgoing governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and decided the sale was not in the best interest of the public or the state. More Australian battered potatoes for us all! Oh, and given this history, do you think the OC Marketplace will take its recent eviction lying down? Yeah, we don't either.


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