Best Police Agency (2011)

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

It takes something really extraordinary to steer OC Weekly to say anything nice about la migra, but some people just really deserve getting their asses kicked out of the country. People such as Pedro Pimentel Rios, a former Guatemalan special-forces officer and U.S. Army School of the Americas instructor who allegedly raped numerous girls and women at Dos Erres, a tiny village near Guatemala's border with Mexico, during the December 1982 massacre of more than 250 people. (And yes, this was before he was promoted to his military teaching job.) The Dos Erres atrocity ranks as perhaps the most gruesome in Guatemala's entire civil war and is too disturbing to detail here, except to say it was a long, protracted, insanely vicious bloodbath. Rare kudos therefore to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for finding this guy last year and handing him over to the Guatemalan police in July. Vaya con Diós, pendejo.


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