Best Newscaster (2011)

David Goldstein

David Goldstein is the modern-day Mike Wallace, the hard-charging journalist who made 60 Minutes famous for CBS after finding crooks, poking microphones in their faces and asking devastating questions. During his long, accomplished career, Goldstein has uncovered a near-endless supply of lazy bureaucrats, cheating elected officials, nutty government programs and corporate crooks. But his August confrontation with Los Angeles City Commissioner Albert Abrams remains at the forefront of our minds. Having been caught by the FBI collecting child porn, Abrams was the proverbial deer in the headlights when KCBS-TV's Goldstein confronted him and secured an all-time priceless explanation. According to Abrams, he is innocent because a spinal tumor created within his mind a second personality that was a pedophile who liked to see 4-year-old boys in sexual positions. Goldstein's incredulous expression said it all.


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