The loss of the main venue had matters looking dire heading into this year's Newport Beach Film Festival (NBFF), but organizers not only pulled off the 12th annual run in April, but they presented another intriguing blend of interesting films, blow-out parties and enlightening seminars that solidified the fest's reputation as one of Orange County's top cultural events. The diverse collection of studio, independent and international films festival-goers have seen before general release over the years includes Crash, Dogtown and Z-Boys, Dust to Glory, Layer Cake, Sexy Beast, The Cove, and Spellbound. The festival is also all about educating Orange County movie-lovers, from novices and cinephiles, through post-screening Q&As with filmmakers and free screenwriter seminars. It's not unusual to find actors, directors and screenwriters in the audience next to you, lapping up the knowledge. The learning continues during non-festival weeks through the NBFF-sponsored Orange County Film Society or its partnership with Orange County Museum of Art and Sage Hill High School. Over the years, the festival's red carpet has drawn Adam Sandler, Andy Garcia, Michael C. Hall, Peter Fonda, Newport Beach's own McG, Will Ferrell and the Real Housewives of Orange County. One party during the 2011 run even featured a drunken Andy Dick peeing all over everything. Match that, Segerstrom Center!

Location Details

4500 Campus Dr.
Newport Beach CA 92660


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