Best Blog (2011)

Friends for Fullerton's Future

Yes, we named this feisty blog—whose world begins and ends within the Fullerton city limits—as the best blog last year, but while the major OC political blogs have imploded into irrelevancy with infighting, lawsuits, hackery and neglect, Friends for Fullerton's Future has not only continued its muckraking, name-calling genius, but it has also broke many important stories, most crucially the Kelly Thomas death-by-cop scandal. A schizophrenic transient, Thomas was beaten by six police officers in July and died afterward—and it was Friends for Fullerton's Future that posted the horrific picture of what the bloodied, bruised, destroyed man and found videotape showing a distressed Thomas being tased multiple times, photo and video that soon made headlines across the world. Started by Fullerton property owner Tony Bushala and featuring a cast of contributors that ranges from political activists to, um, the dead dog of former Fullerton councilwoman Jan Flory, it's essential reading for anyone interested in the North County city—or great investigative reporting in general.


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