Best Vietnamese Dessert Shop (2011)

Thach Che Hien Khanh

Che is hard to define to those who haven't grown up eating it. All che are desserts, but all desserts are not che. The sweet snack can most closely be translated to "pudding," yet it holds no real resemblance to it. Che comes in various flavors and incarnations, but the general unifying factors are sweetness, being served in a cup and being ridiculously delicious. Although this traditional Vietnamese dessert can be found in just about any food-to-go joint on the Bolsa strip, no place does it better than Thach Che Hien Khanh. Stellar in both the quality and price, the che offered at this little shop is its specialty, available in a wide selection of classic varieties. Among the most popular is the che ba mau (three-colored che), created from green tapioca noodles, red beans and mung bean paste. For something richer, try the che chuoi (banana che), which drenches cooked bananas in sweetened coconut milk and tiny tapioca pearls. A small order comes in a 6-ounce plastic cup and sets you back a mere $1.75. That's little more than a single scoop at Rite-Aid—and a hell of a lot tastier. $

Location Details

9784 Westminster Ave.
Garden Grove CA 92844


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