Lift the cap off one of the palm-sized glass containers displaying the café's wares and inhale deeply: sharp, fruity cranberry black tea; smoothly bitter, refreshing lemon myrtle green; the nutty, flowery sweetness of orchid oolong; cinnamon, cloves, coconut and lemongrass in the white chai. Served in a French press are a good three or four cups of fresh tea. Since we're not talking Lipton tea bags here, ask for more steaming water once you've gone through those first four, so you can have three or four more. For caffeine junkies who don't care for the jitteriness of a certain coffee chain's latte—or that burnt-java smell that clings to your clothing every time you visit—Freesoulcaffé is a welcome way to start the day in a decidedly cosmopolitan way. Drink some tea, order a green-tea or pumpkin waffle (complete with syrup and vegan butter), pull out your favorite book, and bring some balance to your life. $$

Location Details

191 E. Main St., Ste, 1B
Tustin CA 92780


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