This eatery, whose name translates as "heart of moon," may not be as well-known as some OC sushi powers, but it has been open for 20 years and earned a loyal following. Why? For one thing, in addition to the overall menu being actually affordable, it offers good value: There are actual chunks of tuna in the spicy tuna rolls. (Take a moment to catch your breath; we'll wait.) The quality of the fish is excellent. Even better, Hachi, the jubilant sushi chef, doubles as a wingman, helping to make sure all date nights at his bar go smoothly. For traditionalists, the live scallop sashimi is unforgettable, with the meat diced up and the shell used as a flavorful vessel for sautéed mushrooms and dashi-braised onions. The rest of us will be more than happy with the "King Kobra" roll: tempura shrimp, crumbs, avocado, tuna, a tri-color of roe—everything but the kitchen sink. $$$

Location Details

16492 Beach Blvd.
Westminster CA 92683


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