Best Stationary Taco Stand for Your Drunk Ass (2011)

Taqueria De Anda

It's 2:30 a.m., you just closed down one of the bars in Fullerton and are heading north on Harbor Boulevard in the passenger seat of your designated driver's car. Street signs are illegible, and there seems to be an extra set of dividers in the road. Yes, your head is spinning, but more pressing is the insatiable hunger gnawing at your belly—possibly for tacos. Sadly, at this hour, choices are largely limited to Del Taco, maybe Taco Bell. But adventurous North County souls with a little extra cash in their pockets know there's another choice: Taqueria de Anda. This joint's locations in Fullerton, Orange and Santa Ana are open 24/7, ready to serve up delicious tacos perfect for the reptilian mind of the seriously inebriated. Served in small corn tortillas, there's big flavor there, courtesy of chopped carne asada, cilantro and onions, topped with spicy-ass red or green sauce. Bear in mind that one taco runs $1.42, and a hungry drunk can easily scarf four or five. But if this is too financially overwhelming, feel free to spend your chump change on something prefabricated. Other items on the menu include burritos available with chicken or pork. The truly adventurous gourmand might also choose lengua (tongue) or cabeza (cow head). Relax, neither is worse for you than the eight Rum and Cokes filtered through your kidneys before you got here. So live a little. $

Location Details

308 W. Valencia Dr.
Fullerton CA 92832


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