Best Place to Ogle the Waitstaff (2011)

Hapa J's

Service with a smile is nice—but it's better if that smile is bleached white and framed by lip-gloss. The waitresses at Hapa J's are catalog-ready at all times, with effortlessly manicured nails, glossy hair and sun-kissed skin; they're what all of Orange County should look like, if everyone was an extra from, well, The O.C. But the servers here are also quick, efficient and attentive, constantly filling cups, bussing tables and asking you how you're doing, so expect to see a lot of your server (which is a good thing—more time to gawk). Best of all, the Hawaiian fusion nosh is delicious—opt for the New Spicy Poke Bowl ($5.99), in which fresh, cubed, sashimi-grade ahi tuna is topped with sesame seasoning and spicy aioli, then served alongside macaroni potato salad—and will give your mouth something to do other than babbling incoherently at your perky waitress. $$

Location Details

2016 S. El Camino Real
San Clemente CA 92672


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