Best Place to Buy Fresh Soy Products (2011)

Dong Phuong Tofu

This alternative-protein paradise lurks on a tiny substreet, less than a holler away from Little Saigon's Asian Garden Mall. Its obscured location just off the beaten path of Westminster's bustling Bolsa Avenue draws in a predominantly Vietnamese clientele, but the goods it sells are too tasty to keep within the community. Family-owned and -operated, this bare-bones specialty shop has been cranking out fresh-from-the-press soy products for more than 13 years. Tofu is prepared daily and served steaming-hot in large bricks or sold by the piece in a slew of delectable varieties. Notable flavors include lemongrass, wood ear mushroom, chive and a delicately textured silken pudding served with a sweet coconut-ginger sauce. Two bucks can get you a half-gallon of soy milk (sweetened or not) that is so fresh you won't be able to handle the heat with your bare hands. If you want to get complex, the crispy faux fish and mock ham make for excellent replacements in any recipe. These items are also free of preservatives and dirt-cheap compared to anything you can find at Mother's Market. So, fear not the chaos that is Little Saigon and venture forth to enjoy the soy. $

Location Details

15022 Moran St.
Westminster CA 92683


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