This time of year, ice-cream shops everywhere churn out pumpkin-pie ice cream, and some of that will get turned into tempting seasonal milkshakes. The best comes from one of Orange County's older restaurants, Hans' Homemade, open since 1972. The old-time ice-cream parlor feel is the real deal that corporate chains try so hard to copy—from the marble-topped wooden counters, padded stools and tiled floors down to the old-fashioned milkshake machines with the swirly wands. Choose from any of that day's 30 flavors in the display freezer. Scoop after scoop is whirred with cold milk, yet the flavor only seems to intensify. Does the blending release the flavors, which are so potent to begin with? The $5.25 regular-sized shake is large enough to share. For an extra quarter, add malted milk for an old-fashioned richness. Or for $5.75, pimp it like Xzibit and get the milkshake float: "Yo, dawg, I heard you like ice cream and milkshakes, so I put a scoop of ice cream on your milkshake." $$

Location Details

3640 S. Bristol St.
Santa Ana CA 92704


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