Hiro Ohiwa isn't a pastry chef by trade, but it would be hard to find a better dessert than his croissant bread pudding. When he retired it, customers demanded its return, so it came back, hopefully for good. Enjoy this warm, eggy masterpiece while you can, sopping it up with an ocean of bitter caramel sauce that has the burned imprimatur of coffee. Then order the flaky banana mille-feuille or a panna cotta decorated with berries in a martini glass, a milky confection wiggling somewhere at the halfway mark between pudding and gelatin. The most intriguing dessert here is the green-tea blanc manger; its soft custard and azuki bean hide under a swampy/sludge-looking layer of matcha that instills fear in mortals who know not of its bitter wonders or that Ohiwa is a master of not only the sweet, but also the savory. $$

Location Details

10509 Valley View St.
Cypress CA 90630


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