You'll find bagels hawked around these parts that are syringed full of cinnamon, jalapeño cheese and other flavor bastardizations that convert the doughy vessel into something entirely different, like a bagel-ish or bagel-tini. For God's sake, people, a bagel is yeasted wheat dough, preferably formed into a ring and boiled briefly before being baked. Dense, chewy and crisp, the toasted result may be topped with sprinkled salt, poppy seeds or sesame seeds, but that's it! Save the flavoring for the lox, capers and cream cheese you'll stuff in between slices. Since family-owned Benjies has been serving traditional Jewish food to Orange Countians since 1967, leave it to its staff's well-leavened hands to serve you bagel perfection: fresh, doughy and golden-toasted. Does it also help that the bagel is being served by a waitress who appears to have come with the original booths? Couldn't hurt. $$$

Location Details

1828 N. Tustin Ave.
Santa Ana CA 92705


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