What's more punk rock than a total dive that serves PBR tall boys for $4 and most other beers for $2? The Juke Joint stage is dedicated to ex-Nekromantix drummer Andrew Martinez, with a photo and a plaque honoring the musician who died in a horrible 2009 car crash. It's also a big local draw for its Latin-music promotional nights, such as the off-the-hook Conjunto Nueva Ola/Leo Machado show. Such horizon-broadening efforts notwithstanding, the psychobilly/greaser vibe is strong in this one—the interiors are all black (of course!), and either Johnny Cash or the Blasters will stream out of the jukebox on a slow night. But when the place is packed and there's a live show, it's especially dirty, dark and drunk. The bonus? Everyone at the Juke Joint gets a tad bit sexier.

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Location Details

735 N. Anaheim Blvd.
Anaheim CA 92805


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