Best Place to Take a Date You Don't Want to Be Seen With (2011)

Riviera Restaurant at the Fireside

We've all done it: Before going out on a date, we've chanted that one request—"Please, God, don't let me run into anyone I know." The Riviera is dark—really dark—and the menu is way too fancy for any of your friends. In operation for more than 30 years, this classic restaurant and bar has all the romantic standards: steaks, seafood, champagne, escargot and frog legs. You stand a good chance of getting through this one unscathed—and unseen. If you're too ashamed to take your date to your favorite bar, at least treat them to fine food and drink. It'll cost you a pretty penny, but hey, this is your shallow insecurity, not theirs.

Location Details

13950 Springdale St.
Westminster CA 92683


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