While there's never a shortage of party places for gay men, finding a spot for lesbians is like trying to find a dental dam in a bag of party balloons—especially in OC. Perhaps it's because people still believe the old stereotypes that gay gals don't tip, or don't stay out very late, or don't pound drinks like their male peers—or perhaps there's some truth to those lines (except the poor tipping, certainly). Regardless, a few power-women entrepreneurs do set up ladies' nights, and one such Amazonian island can be found every Friday at Club Ripples, provocatively retitled "Unzipped." That unzipping can be jeans or leather corsets, the hooking and unhooking of both brassieres and babes, and with a host of hottie go-go girls upstairs and lots of lusty lipstick and sporty lasses jiggling up the joint, Unzipped is the premier paradise of the late-night lesbian set. If only it could happen every night. . . .

Location Details

5101 E. Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach CA 90803


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