Long Beach is full of places to grab a same-sex hookup. Obviously, there's Ripples, the notoriously naughty beachfront bar, as well as Hamburger Mary's and gay dives such as Sweetwater, the Falcon and Mineshaft. Those are all great if you're looking for only a cheap drink and a quickie—but if you want to actually take your sweetie on a date? Go to Paradise Piano Bar. Run by the jubilant Eric Davis, Paradise is divided into two sections: the restaurant (serving dinner until midnight!) and the bar, a luxe stretch of counter space encasing wines from around the world and top-shelf liquors. (Be sure to stop in on a Wednesday for half-off wine night.) Along with live music and drag shows, charity events are a regular occurrence here—this bar prides itself on giving back to the community. And speaking of giving back, Paradise's outlook is that no one should pay to get into a bar in Long Beach, so save that extra cash and buy another round of drinks.

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1800 E. Broadway
Long Beach CA 90802


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