Best Club to Get Down In (2011)

Que Sera

If you're a fan of tiny clubs filled with a ton of sweaty people smushed up against one another, dancing to good music on themed nights, Que Sera is perfect for you. The little black-and-red club is plunked on the cusp of seedy Long Beach and not-seedy Long Beach, and while the décor itself doesn't change much on the themed nights—including the Goth club (Release the Bats) and the soul club (the late Good Foot, one of the longest-running in SoCal)—the music and the people make all the difference. Like most great clubs in the Orange County/Long Beach area, it's a bit of a hole in the wall, but the unpretentious, distinctly un-meat market-type atmosphere and the fact that everybody knows your name makes it all the better to dance the night away—kind of like Cheers, except with movement. Bring cash—no credit cards are accepted here.

Location Details

1923 E. Seventh St.
Long Beach CA 90813


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