Best Club DJ (2011)

DJ Oldboy

What do you get when you put together two turntables, an esoterically eclectic collection of vinyl, and a blues persona with a penchant for harmonicas and tambourine? DJ Oldboy, a.k.a. Chris Lynch. The man (and his persona) has been a DJ for more than four years, after he discovered the radio station at his alma mater, Cal State Long Beach. While he doesn't exactly make crowds move with four-on-the-floor untz-untz-untz beats, his classic pop, R&B, blues, and rock selections (think anything from Little Richard to Brian Eno) turn white-as-fuck dance floors into sweaty, adrenalin-fueled soul revues. You can sometimes find Oldboy in Costa Mesa, where he deejays and books shows at La Cave and Memphis. But he regularly helms "Level 7 Access" at the Prospector in Long Beach every third Tuesday (did you catch that geeky Tron reference?), and he'll soon be hosting a monthly residency at Que Sera.


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