Best Use of 3D By a Band (2011)


Seems like you can't go to the movies nowadays without putting on a pair of flimsy, fake Wayfarers. And now one local band have brought 3D glasses to a new venue: an indie-rock concert. Kiev are five dudes—Robert Brinkerhoff (vocals, guitar), Brandon Corn (drums), Derek Poulsen (bass), Alex Wright (keys) and Andy Stavas (keys, saxophone)—who know how to make music and how to mix things up. Growing up in Orange, they wanted to see the county's music culture flourish, and they figured the best way to bring cooler, unique shows to the area was to put them on themselves. Thanks to some family members and friends with copious amounts of 3D equipment, their dream became a reality on May 24 at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, when they opened for Menomena. With the help of two projectors and many, many pairs of 3D glasses provided by the band, the audience experienced a concert of epic proportions. The images, which ranged from pictures of running people to organic, slowly morphing lines, were intentionally synced with the music to create a multilayered effect. Kiev, who won Best Indie Band at the 2011 OC Music Awards, intended for the 3D show to be a one-time thing, but it got such stellar reviews they're already planning another 3D gig. And all the OC stoners said amen!


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