The grounds of Cal State Fullerton are like a little gallery, with more than 30 sculptures, plus fresh air and sunshine to make it all that much sweeter. A brief guide to our 10 favorites:

1) Fallen David is a copy of Michelangelo's white marble statue that was shattered by the 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake. The accidental artwork is located north of the Education Classroom Building.

2) Arise by Eric Goulder features a bronze figure either dragging itself up from a concrete block or fucking it. We appreciate the ambiguity. Check it out for yourself at the south entrance to the Visual Arts Center, building D.

3 & 4) Tombstones are always cool. Dean McNeil sculpted two out of granite, and they say awesome stuff, but we aren't going to spoil that here.

5) Look carefully, or you'll miss Lloyd Hamrol's adobe Redoubling Wall Path on the north side of the Visual Arts Center. It has been degrading since it was installed in 1976 and looks like a pile of dirt, but it was built with a grant from the NEA, so see it and piss off a Republican.

6) To the east of the Visual Arts Center's building E is Nautilus, Rico Eastman's rusting steel sculpture of an armadillo or an armadillidiidae or a lobster tail or . . . hell, something. We don't know what it is; we just know we like it.

7) In the atrium between McCarthy Hall and the Science Laboratory Center, Eugene Sturman's Thermalo Vortex qualifies as the weirdest name.

8, 9 & 10) Ray Hein's Water Wall at the east entrance of the Visual Arts Center looks like metal wallpaper buckling in the middle from water damage. Wall Gazing Gallery in the center's central courtyard is also funded by the NEA. Also in the courtyard is Betty Gold's sexy redwood-and-steel untitled piece. It gets our vote for the dirtiest sculpture in public view.

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800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton CA 92831


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