Even though Generation Xbox has been led to believe that movies are appropriate vehicles only for superheroes and remakes (which it thinks are originals), there are still arty people out there fighting the good, indie/foreign/retro film fight. Family-owned and operated, the Regency South Coast Village movie house not only uses REAL butter on its corn (and offers you the fresh kettle-popped variety, too), but it also screens every exceptional documentary, independent and export film worth seeing. To top it off, each Wednesday is Classic Film Night, featuring all kinds of retro fun, from The Ten Commandments to The Big Lebowski. About a buck cheaper admittance to all shows doesn't hurt, and you can get your intellect on with fare such as Vidal Sassoon, Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Bride Flight. So snatch up your most clueless friend or that complain-y, brain-dead teen or college clod and force them to learn that Arthur is Dudley Moore, not Russell Brand; the Karate Kid is Ralph Macchio, not Jaden Smith; Willy Wonka is Gene Wilder, not Johnny Depp; and that the upturned Poseidon did, in fact, carry the precious cargo of Shelley Winters. Oh, the humanity . . .

Location Details

1561 W. Sunflower Ave.
Santa Ana CA 92704


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