Best Indie Band (2011)


When Honeypie performed at this year's OC Music Awards, they were lumped into the folk category. While we're glad to see them recognized by the OCMA for their über-catchy pop-drenched jams, we don't really see the folk thing—they use electric guitars and skew rock. We're sure, however, some readers will argue the band aren't technically indie, either (semantics, a delightful trifle). What can be said with certainty is that this quintet play songs with lots of heart, featuring a Rilo Kiley earnestness with the epic sonic aura of Arcade Fire. Honeypie focus on simple but infectious melodies and wonderfully insightful lyrics about human relationships and their inevitable complications, forgoing the indie sound currently in vogue and genuinely exhibiting the independent spirit of rock. Though the band are a group effort, these things come largely courtesy of front woman Trisha Smith, a diminutive Huntington Beach gal capable of baiting listeners with a sweet, youthful voice, then switching to an unexpected howl.


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