Best Hip-Hop Act (2011)


Bigryzn and Moshpit were known as ADRENALINE BROTHUZ before Rakaa of Dilated Peoples suggested they go under the banner CHIEFSONS (their caps, not OURS). Moshpit, a Samoan Santanero, had been known by the name in singular form, but the expansion to the plural added depth and paid homage to the blood brothers' father, an actual chief from Samoa. The underground MCs went on to unleash monstrous standout verses on "Ambassador Slang" off Rakaa's 2010 solo effort, Crown of Thorns, but they have been active on the scene since long before that. After generating local buzz back in the day, Bigryzn, then known as BIG TIME, was recruited in the late '90s to the KILLAFORNIA ORGANIZATION project that came out of the OC/LA area. Moshpit battled his older brother until the two formally joined forces. CHIEFSONS are husky-voiced rappers (think Xzibit meets Immortal Technique) who skillfully stay in the pocket, never rhyming off-beat. They throw in battle lines with South Pacific-specific references, letting competitors know they're "roastin' MCs/Like Samoans roast pig!" The brothers—who have shared a stage with Rakaa, Ras Kass, Kurupt of the Dogg Pound and Hieroglyphics, among others—are currently working with Federico "C Sik" Lopez on new material, but what they've already recorded and put out shows they are chiefs of the underground.


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