Best Folk Act (2011)

Nicole Vaughn and Her Lovely Band

Nicole Vaughn has all of the elements that make for a great folk act: introspective lyrics that explore the trials of the heart and societal ills; songs that can be done acoustically, with catchy riffs or upbeat and rock-steady; and, of course, with her petite stature, tousled blond hair and infectious smile, she's just adorable. The recent addition of a backup band and a solid new album have breathed new life into her career; Say It is a totally relatable set of songs that speaks of heartbreak without being shallow or commonplace. In 2010, her songs were prominently featured in the documentary Finding Kind, which screened as part of this year's Newport Beach Film Festival, among others. And she's constantly playing all over Southern California, which is truly a treat for those in the crowd who enjoy her energetic and touching performances.


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