Best Picnic Spot (2010)

Crystal Cove State Park

While a picnic is fun in pretty much any green space, Crystal Cove State Park elevates eating on a blanket to a whole new level. We're talking over 3 miles of beach and 2,400 acres of woodlands, with offshore waters creating a veritable underwater park. Check out those tide pools for sea urchins and the sandy coves for burrowing crabs before you crack open your basket of gourmet goodies, or, fill a backpack with the traditional peanut butter and jelly (a practically extinct all-American delicacy!) and bike or hike up a rural trail. If you own a horse, plod along and share your veggie-wrapped lunch with your partner, or break open the Brie and fruit on the beachy shore and quietly marvel at the breath-taking sunset. If you're the sort who likes to pop open some bubbly, make sure you bring your tent and camp for the night—those organic evening finger foods can also be eaten as breakfast, you know.


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