Best Video-Game Store (2010)

PTR Games

Just when you thought all hope was lost for video-game stores, as you watched each of your neighborhood shops get bought by GameStop or EBGames, this little strip-mall, punk-rock shop, all sleek and black and cavelike inside, hooked its joystick at the man and said, "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US." PTR Games was a Play N' Trade for more than two years, until the contract expired on the franchise, and the owners went rogue (the PTR now stand for Play, Trade and Repair). Since April, the now-indie shop has been selling new games for all systems at standard prices, as well as used games for virtually every console at $4 or $5 less than the other guys. GameBoy, Sega, Dreamcast—they're all here. Bonus: The in-shop repair service specializes in Xbox 360, PSP and PS3. Give the techs an hour, and they'll bring your Xbox back from the dreaded red ring of death.

Location Details

3505 E. Chapman Ave.
Orange CA 92869


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