Best Used-Book Store (2010)


What do you look for in a used bookstore? Clean, well-dusted books; a literate staff; and a humongous, well-organized selection? Bookman fulfills all those requirements, and it buys books you're done with and want to share with the world. If you want to go old-school and browse through the single-story, midcentury building that houses more than 8,000 square feet of tomes, hey, knock yourself out. But you can also use technology to your advantage: If you're looking for a particular title, you can go online and check Bookman's website first to see if it's in stock. There are supposedly more than half a million books for sale (not that we counted), including everything from out-of-print cookbooks, children's books you grew up with, rare first editions, inexpensive art books and more.

Location Details

840 N. Tustin Ave.
Santa Ana CA 92705


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