The best part about going to this gender-friendly sex shop? The knowledgeable staff, who are up to speed on what kind of batteries each toy needs and what lube ingredients are potentially cancer-forming, who will teach you how to use the Silicone Power Pump Penis Enlargement ($39.95) if you need the info, and who will leave you alone if you want to explore by yourself. Going in, you don't get the icky feeling sex shops usually give off—it has the same vibe a Forever 21 does, except it's selling adult entertainment instead of cheap clothing. (And there are no dirty old men skulking around the video section.) Aside from the usual—kinky lingerie, variously shaped dildos and flavored lubricants—there are a ton of gag items that reveal the store's sense of humor, including such games and novelty items as "Bachelorette Spin for a Dare" buttons ($12.95) and pecker-shaped cake pans ($15.95). It's raunchy in a way that makes you feel comfortable—and it's well-organized (i.e., the shelves aren't crammed to the brim with plastic crap).

Location Details

5018 E. Second St.
Long Beach CA 90803


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