For more than 20 years, Pepperland Music has specialized in Beatles albums and related merchandise. As the Fab Four have morphed from radio stars to Rock Band gods, some display shelves have a museum-exhibit feel to them. Serious collectors should know their pockets had better be filled—or, better yet, their charge cards had better have mucho room—if they want to actually leave with something. A set of mop-topped dolls inspired by the famous Ed Sullivan Show appearance costs a cool $400. Collectible vinyl records (remember those?) mostly hover around $50, which is also the sticker price on an old Saturday Evening Post with Liverpool's favorite sons on the cover. And new and used CDs (remember those?) of artists from the Birth of Cool through American Idolatry range from a few bucks to around $20. There's also a bin of scratchy old records that sell for a buck each if you're looking for really big coasters. The other half of the store is dedicated to the business of making music, with sheet music and musical instruments for sale. Cool guitars and accordions line the walls, as do framed photos driving home the message that the walrus really was Paul.

Location Details

850 N. Tustin St.
Orange CA 92867


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