Best Place to Prepare for the Collapse of Society (2010)

All American Military Surplus

All too often, when looking through stores claiming to sell genuine surplus items, today's military-minded consumer is met with disorganized dusty shelves featuring a few packages of rancid MREs and a cardboard box of mismatched World War II leggings. Worse yet is walking into a store claiming to sell military surplus goods and being greeted by racks of pristine flannel and Vestal watches. All American Military Surplus in Fullerton feels your pain and has set up a shop to nurture your inner warrior. In its cavernous space, All American houses a massive selection of government-issued and brand-name items, including bedrolls, 25-square-foot heavy-duty tarps, row upon row of ammo cans, insulated camouflage food containers and, perhaps most bizarrely, a large selection of military-issued immersion heaters. These gas-operated contraptions are designed to attach to the side of a water-filled trash can, which is then heated for dish washing or bathing. In an age when Halliburton can't be trusted to make effective body armor, why trust the government to produce quality camouflage garments? All American has plenty of camo-yarn for you do-it-yourself types at $14.99 per pound. It also has a wide assortment of stun guns ranging from $49 generic models to $399 Taser products. There are tactical manuals on countering guerrilla warfare and a nice selection of bayonets, both vintage and reproduction, not to mention daggers you can attach to your feet (not recommended for wear while playing soccer or kickball). Strike up a conversation with the staff, and you might find yourself in a discussion about how the Germans were the first to use night-vision equipment on their tanks in WWII. But heads-up: All American Surplus is located in a building that is as nondescript as they come, so you could easily miss it. Something tells us that's just the way they like it.

Location Details

2584 Fender Ave.
Fullerton CA 92831


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