Best Magic Store In the Back of a Bowling Alley (2010)

Magic Galore and More

Why would there be a magic shop in the back of a bowling alley? You're going to have to ask Ken Sands, the man who owns Magic Galore and More. To do so, you'll have to step into Westminster Lanes and turn right. Keep passing bowling lanes until you reach a small hallway. Turn right again. At the end of the hallway, next to the pro shop, you'll find this hidden gem of a magic store, and the bell will ring mystically when you open the door. (Oooooh . . .) Sands will probably be there, and you'll ask him how, exactly, he ended up in a bowling alley where no one can find him. He likely won't answer before making you watch a magic trick. In the middle of it, one of his magic-performing buddies will come in, and they will start swapping tales about their most recent performance at Hollywood's famous Magic Castle while shuffling trick-card decks. They'll bring up the names of famous magician colleagues—which will remind them of that person's instructional DVD and signature trick, both of which Sands has for sale. And then they'll debate whether or not he's more of a mentalist or a card technician. Maybe then another pro will come in and ask for the custom-ordered pop-up top hat that he's been waiting for. By then, you will have forgotten the question and realized that, geriatric bowlers be damned, you are in one of the last legitimate magic shops around. A place where magicians gather to swap tips and tales, where the items for sale range from children's novelties to the actual tricks of a very tricky trade.

Location Details

6471 Westminster Ave.
Westminster CA 92683


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