Best Laser Hair Removal (2010)


One of the greatest scientific beauty developments of the past century, laser hair removal is a girl's secret best friend. But where to go brings up a bit of a quandary. Salons offering the service are often either ridiculously expensive or totally scuzzy. So where's a furry gal to go? DermFx has the perfect combination of style and price. The Sunset Beach location's two-story building has a relaxed, rich, Tuscan feel, with its wooden floors and posh décor. Plus, it not only offers reasonable treatment prices, but also sometimes offers such can't-beat-it specials as six sessions for the price of five. Let's face it: Laser hair removal hurts like hell. But the good people of DermFx do what they can to help, like slathering on numbing cream and letting you direct a hose that blasts cool air to the areas being treated. They also offer Botox, brow-lifts, chemical peels—if you need any more convincing, just check out any of DermFx's employees: They're all beautiful!

Location Details

16501 Pacific Coast Highway
Sunset Beach CA 90742


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