Best Book Store for Closeted Sci-Fi Geeks (2010)

Mathom House Books

We assume this strip-mall book nook comes stocked with all the AP Lit classics you need, but that's not what brings you back to Mathom. Rather, it's for the store's wealth of paperbacks from the golden age of popular reading that was the '80s and '90s. The best part: A side room stocked solely with fantasy and sci-fi titles from a time when Star Wars' expanded universe dwarfed Twilight's pull. The room is conveniently secluded, so there's little chance you'll be interrupted while thumbing through all those Tolkien-imitating Del Rey titles you threw out three moving-van-inspired life-simplification efforts ago. With Mathom's full-time buy-two-paperbacks-get-one-free deal, you might just end up rebuilding that old nerd library of yours.

Location Details

83 Via Pico Plaza
San Clemente CA 92672


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