Best Bachelor-Pad-Supply Store (2010)

Orange County Games

Like polio, American arcades were once a prolific fact of life and the scourge of parents everywhere. Since these quarter repositories have gone the way of the buffalo, the arcade-style video game has obtained the glossy veneer of nostalgia and become highly desirable to rabid collectors in the process. For those Gen-Xers whose pockets once jangled with quarters but now bulge with wads of greenbacks, owning one of these cumbersome relics is easy, thanks to the folks at Orange County Games. Sporting a 1,500-square-foot warehouse and showroom, OC Games claims it can get any kind of refurbished game an emotionally arrested adult could want. A visit to the Anaheim location proves this claim isn't mere boasting. The selection features a menagerie of pinball games, vintage Star Wars and Tron machines, as well as such bar standards as a 9-foot shuffleboard table and foosball tables. A hard-to-find 1995 Attack From Mars pinball game will run you $4,295— a steal considering these can go for $8,000 on eBay. Other nostalgia-inducing electronic memorabilia include the cockpit-simulating Afterburner and the highly addictive golf emulator Golden Tee (which will run you $995). The game features a large plastic sphere you roll with your hand to drive a pixilated golf ball down a virtual fairway. It will be perfect for those nights when you stumble home drunk and have nothing else to roll. Bonus: Orange County Games offers warranties on its products and has a service department that makes house calls. So relax: If your game breaks down, you have an excuse to invite someone over.

Location Details

1310 N. Kraemer Blvd.
Anaheim CA 92806


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