Its name summarizes everything the restaurant is all about and everything it isn't. You know what it is: loud, crowded and the kind of place where alcohol flows as freely as the good times. You know what it isn't: expensive and pretentious. All are contrary to the fact House of Big Fish & Ice Cold Beer is located in Laguna Beach, where it's rare to find a full meal for $5 and rarer still to find one in a restaurant that serves seafood. If you get only one thing, let it be the spicy seafood stew, a cioppino-like dish served in vessel as big as a sink, boasting what looks to be about $20 worth of seafood but costing only $10. It's enough to warrant a new nickname: House of I Can't Believe How Little I Paid.

Location Details

540 S. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach CA 92651


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