The lure of the über-cheap Vietnamese sandwich is no novelty in and around Little Saigon, but now hungry clubbers who closed down the after-party, workers on the early shift and families trying to beat LA traffic on the way out of town can stop for a filling breakfast at this tiny hole in the wall that opens at the unholy hour of 5 a.m. Xiu mai (meatballs) are the way to go here, but dac biet (daily special, a mix of pâté and Vietnamese cold cuts) and thit nuong (grilled pork) are also well-worth it. Ask for the vegetables to be served on the side if you're transporting the sandwiches; this will keep the bread from getting soggy, and as a bonus, you'll be given more veggies than you'd get on the sandwich. Those who awake only under duress will rejoice in the bakery's Black Hole of Caffeine, the ca phe sua da: Condensed milk and inky black espresso provide a granita-esque pickup until the last ice chip melts.

Location Details

14520 Magnolia St.
Westminster CA 92683


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