Best Place to Sacrifice a Lamb (2010)

Olive Tree

Every Middle Eastern restaurant in Anaheim's Little Gaza serves lamb; it's as vital to the scene as big hunks of beef in a Wyoming steakhouse. Not every restaurant, however, allows patrons the option of buying the whole damn thing. Give Abu Ahmad, owner of the very popular eatery, three days' notice and $300, and he'll have chef Um Alaa turn out an entire 17- to 20-pound lamb, rubbed with oil and spices and roasted in a special oven built just for the purpose. The meat comes out burnished brown on the outside and impossibly moist on the inside. The lamb is stuffed with rice containing 17 spices, almonds and currants, then laid on a veritable mountain of more rice. Try to refrain from chanting maniacally as you take some of the mixture from inside the lamb, where the drippings have infused the rice with an ethereally gamey taste. The dish is served with an enormous bowl of excellent Middle Eastern yogurt that's mixed with cumin, garlic, mint and cucumber. This serves as a creamy palate cleanser, allowing you to go back to the lamb again and again. By the time you and your 30 best friends are done eating, you'll be too full to perform any post-sacrificial ritual any more involved than being wheelbarrowed toward a La-Z-Boy.

Location Details

512 S. Brookhurst St.
Anaheim CA 92804


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