Cooks have refined the once-humble hamburger into vessels of organic this and rocket salad that; Husky Boy cares for the days when topping patties with pastrami—created by Greeks in Anaheim during the 1970s, now strangely a Utah phenomenon—was as out-there as you could get. It's a greasy, glorious mess: a regular hamburger, already good because of Husky Boy's charbroiled process (which makes the outside of the patty carbon and the inside juicy but cooked), layered with chopped pastrami until it cascades out of the bun. Ask for extra pickles and mustard, and enjoy the view of PCH in perhaps the last working-class restaurant left in Laguna Beach that's not the trunk of the car that parks in the city's day-laborer center to hawk tamales.

Location Details

802 N. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach CA 92651


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