Best Filipino Restaurant (2010)

Kapit Bahay

Filipino restaurants remain Orange County's most impenetrable eateries, with their only patrons usually Pinoys or their white relatives. But all you need is a combo plate at Kapit Bahay to turn you onto one of the world's great cuisines. Like nearly all stateside Filipino diners, this Anaheim spot is turo-turo (in Tagalog, "point point," which is to say a buffet). But don't worry about staid trays languishing for hours under lukewarm heat lamps; Kapit rotates hourly, with no set menu, meaning you can enjoy everything from baby squid to grilled chicken, pork marinated in garlic and soy sauce (adobo) to vegetarian dishes featuring multiple vegetables you've never heard of but will never stop eating again. Combos are the name of the game: all cheap and all accompanied with either white rice or pansit bihon noodles, ripe with shrimp and celery. Kapit also stocks Filipino groceries and the world's greatest dessert: halo-halo, a smoothie-cum-milkshake containing jelly cubes, sweet beans, jackfruit, purple ice cream, condensed milk—and those are just the treasures you can actually see.

Location Details

615 N. Euclid St.
Anaheim CA 92801


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