Best Bar When Someone Else Is Paying (2010)

The Cat and the Custard Cup

Here's a weird fact of life. The places young humans go to meet members of the opposite sex (or the same sex) are often the most uncomfortable. They're cramped, sweaty and have the quiet charms of a bustling aircraft carrier. Maybe that's why you won't see too many young people sitting at the bar at La Habra's Cat and the Custard Cup. The warm, quiet, quaint eatery, with its rustic European architecture, has been serving North County's elite for more than three decades. And just because the staff offers tender loving care in helping you choose between a 2007 Fuse Cabernet or a Pinot Noir doesn't mean it would turn a thirsty soul away for looking a tad disheveled. If you're prepared to drop the coin and act like a respectable human being, you're welcome. Nothing beats sipping a nice glass of wine or double-barrel whiskey amid the idyllic splendor of a cozy room replete with massive rock fireplace adorned with the horns of a gazelle—not to mention the beautiful curvilinear bar stocked with a litany of cognacs and tap beers. Not obsessed with overextending itself on the hipness quotient, the bar's piped-in music is just as likely to feature a Cat Power rendition of "Sea of Love" as an Edith Piaf torch song. Bear in mind, this is the kind of place where one of the less-expensive glasses of vino will cost you $10. But you get the service that comes along with it, as well as the opportunity to actually converse with your companion. So sit back, relax and enjoy the warm embrace of luxury.

Location Details

800 E. Whittier Blvd.
La Habra CA 90631


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