Best DJ (2010)

Kedd Cook

Few DJs have the beach-city party scene locked up like Kedd Cook. Entrenched in the Day-Glo tenets of '80s electro and a myriad of influences from Diplo to Designer Drugs, Cook (born Ian Alexander) turns empty dance floors and classy steakhouses into raging sweat-lodge parties. Just ask the honchos at La Cave in Costa Mesa. After they gave Cook and his partner/promoter Brendan Thomas a weekly residency, it didn't take long for Wednesday nights to become one of the restaurant's beat-riddled, vodka-soaked institutions. Aside from landing him choice gigs at Sutra, Scott's Restaurant, the Blue Beet and Code, Cook's charisma and command of innovative mash-ups have been found impressive—even alongside such headliners as Bird Peterson and Steve Aoki. And his overall commitment to rock your body at OC's most decadent parties is evidence enough he's got the recipe for success.


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