Best Bro-Rock Band (2010)


Pistolero's particular brand of sticky, testosterone rock has been called metal, and while that's true in a way, there are more heavy-metal fonts in their show posters than there are extended guitar solos and amp-ripping distortion in their music. Not to say their music isn't any good—it is, in fact, awesome and crunchy and laden with sex the same way Iggy Pop's Stooges stuff was. But when the pomp and swagger get waylaid by a label as generic as "metal," that doesn't really do it justice. Hence, bro rock, bro! With Donnie Deschenes on vocals, Jeremy Muñoz on guitar, Brandon Lovelady on bass and Thom Cooper on drums, the band's secret weapon is blues aficionado Parker Macy on guitar. You may have seen him singing the blues at a venue near you, but in Pistolero, Macy rips it up like, well, a metal shredder.


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