Best Trend (2009)

Going Green

So you've got your Prius and your Trader Joe's canvas tote bags, and you had solar panels installed on your roof. You reuse, reduce, recycle. You eat less, eat organic, wear organic and support local farmers. You use SIGG bottles, you bike to work, never let the thermostat go too cool or too warm. You've replaced all the light bulbs in the house with those fancy CFLs, and you've swapped out all the chemicals in your cleaning cabinet with baking soda, lemon, vinegar and soap. You've done everything you can do to help "save the environment"—or, you know, everything that your friends have been doing, like buying the more expensive bottle of Clorox spray or the $5-per-pound apples. Hey, it's okay. We're not judging. It's for the collective good either way. So if the latest trend is really organic anything and everything—tampons, toilet paper, beauty supplies, underwear, T-shirts—that's cool with us. Going green has been easier than ever, with outlets such as Whole Foods and Mother's Market becoming a mainstream reality. Now, the real question: Is there an organic, lactose-free, gluten-free chorizo injected with açaí and other antioxidants yet?


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