Located on the left side of the entrance of Hi-Times Wine Cellars, the existence of which is perhaps the best thing about living in Costa Mesa, lounges this well-stocked smoke shop and walk-in humidor, with its handsome selection of every cigar under the sun that isn't Cuban. Inside, you'll find Churchills, coronas, toros, presidentes, panatelas, robustos and even torpedos, which is what cigar connoisseurs call those intimidating fat cigars with the pointy end. If cigars aren't your thing, there's an ample supply of cigarillos, cloves, pouch tobacco for self-rolling smokes, and commercial and organic cigarettes. The Smoke Shack also stocks a healthy (sorry) selection of pipes at a variety of price levels. Do you have $4,000 handy? If so, you can be the first person in your gated community to discover the thrill of puffing on a pipe layered in gold and encrusted with diamonds.

Location Details

250 Ogle St.
Costa Mesa CA 92627


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