Seeing as how we now live in a world where every noise produced in human history can be obtained through a couple of mouse clicks, record stores have to be pretty original to survive. Befitting its steps-from-the-beach location, much of the décor and inventory here is of the reggae and jah variety, but there's plenty to find here even if you don't worship on the patchouli-scented altar of Bob Marley and Dave Matthews. They sell CDs, sure, but the real attraction is to be found sifting through their vinyl, where you can score legitimate finds (a copy of the Rainbow Bridge soundtrack for $35); cheap, fun pick-ups (Glen Campbell's Greatest Hits for $2); or random, bizarre ephemera (the soundtrack of 1983 Mr. T vehicle D.C. Cab).

Location Details

1264 S. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach CA 92651


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